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More than tens persons were involved in production of this film. All of them were honset and open people, dedicated to our work under film. They desired to show the truth about the rebel. We reduced with Michał personal narration to let speak

characters, colleagues and than friends . They are the authors of the film - my friends. Some of them have already passed the border of this world.


Wojciech Szumowski

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    Wojciech Szumowski

    I have made almost 200 documentary films, as director, scenarist and producer. I have dedicated my professional work to the audience. I have made documentary series "First Scream" with audience above 11 millions each week. My profession from years is telling the real stories of life history and people. Workshop, imagination, sensitivity - on those words i create my films. Artificer, which through his characters is moving to art. I love making films, this is my profession and passion of life. Each film i make is gratification of my dream.

    For me film is like stained glass - Like poem. Scenes are like haiku.


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    Mohammad Basbous

    Mohammad Basbous is social journalist and syrians rebel activist, and one of the formers of Aleppo Media Center(AMC). He started working as journalist, preparing news about the rebel. Is director of local press office in Al Fardous district.

    Mohammad Basbous is known from correspondence and reports from the frontline, both in Aleppo and Halab province. He was taking care of war crimes documentary.



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