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Aleppo. Notes from the dark

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  • Film description

    The dead lie among the rubble, the streets alive with crossfire. The scenes are familiar, but the actors, unknown. What the media don't show is that these snipers, grenade slingers, and rifle-waving freedom fighters all have former lives - selling vegetables, repairing refrigerators, and trading women's clothing. From the tragic to the mundane, this powerful doc gives Aleppians space to tell their own stories. A unique record of the life of a city.

  • Authorities opinions

    Prof. Joshua Landis, author of Syria Comment & Director, Center for Middle East Studies, University of Oklahoma, Zeina Khodr, correspondent, Al Jazeera International and Francesca Borri, journalist and writer and Stanley Greene, founding member of Noor Images

  • Authors

    More than tens persons were involved in production of this film. All of them were honset and open people, dedicated to our work under film. They desired to show the truth about the rebel. We reduced with Michał personal narration to let speak

    characters, colleagues and than friends . They are the authors of the film - my friends. Some of them have already passed the border of this world.


    Wojciech Szumowski

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    Photographs from film realisation 

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    In case you are interested in film emission and distribution please contact with our agent - Journeyman Pictures.