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Prof. Joshua Landis, author of Syria Comment & Director, Center for Middle East Studies, University of Oklahoma:


“Aleppo. Notes from the dark” is a terrifying journey into the heart of the Syrian war. (…) Authors bring us the gritty reality of life among the rebels. We see their anger, hatreds and deep humanity as they struggle together to overturn a regime that is willing to go all the way in an effort to eradicate them. This documentary shows what it means to be caught up in a war for existence.



Zeina Khodr, correspondent, Al Jazeera International:


It is real. This film reflects the daily realities and hardships of those living in rebel held areas of Aleppo city. There was a lot of thought in the choice of characters - each had a role in what we saw was a dangerous vacuum where people are left to fend for themselves. This film documents how society has been torn apart from war. But it also shows how society is pulling together to survive.



Francesca Borri, journalist and writer and Stanley Greene, founding member of Noor Images


[...] And here is the merit of Notes from the dark. Its camera points at ordinary Syrians - Syrians who see no difference between Sunnis and Shia, Muslims and Christians, but only between freedom and oppression. Between humanity and its disregard. Forgotten by the world amidst blood and hunger, in a city where a baby's first word is MIG, they have learned to rely only upon themselves. And in these streets of dust and snipers, we guiltily watch them asking each other the question that should be our question: “Is there anything I can do for you?”