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Our Film, was a part of international campaign #Don't forget Afghanistan. Was screened in many countries around the world during supporting events.


We bring out the problems faced in the country by narrating stories of people experiencing them. We follow e.g. a refugee family that returned, we observe their daily habits, struggles and happiness. We learn about the most important moments in their life some of which are certainly interlinked with the history of three decades of conflict.

What does a motherland means to them?

How do they define it?

A place to stay?

Something more?

Likewise we picture the work of a health worker in remote areas; an engineer, an agriculturalist, a nomad and a trader. This axis of the film's narratives is built on story of humanitarian aid in the poor areas of Afghanistan. We follow some examples of aid but we avoid naming any particular organization, donor or project. By so doing, we express that humanitarian and development aid is and should be rooted in firm principles and human solidarity.

Personal observations help us understand what makes a person lounge for peace. What is the civil society engagement, where does it start and how does it really look like? What in common have village dwellers, shura representatives, religious men, national and international aid workers? We try to create bridges of understanding; while in Europe we record some interviews with ordinary people about their thoughts on Afghans and Afghanistan; then we show it to those whom we meet in the country. Likewise, we ask our protagonists to explain to people outside of Afghanistan who they really are.